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"Feed the Heart"


Prices will increase the closer we get to the event, so register early!

Tickets will be sold up until we sell out, or 7 days before our convention starts.

They will NOT be available at the door under any circumstances.

Ticket prices start at $125 per ticket for a full weekend pass. After the Christmas Holiday the ticket price will rise to $150 for a full weekend pass. Remember rates will increase the closer we get to the event so get your tickets before the end of December.


If you’d like to volunteer with us: You’ll still need a ticket. Our Volunteer Application will be coming later this fall/holiday season. Event volunteers can count on receiving appreciation gift bag and a dinner/event.


If your plans change and you can’t make it: We offer event ticket transfers. The opportunity to transfer your ticket to another person is at a small admin fee. Please see our full policy: Official Transfer Policy.

There are no Door Tickets: All tickets must be purchased prior to the event; absolutely no tickets will be sold at the door.

You must bring an ID: All attendees will be asked for a government issued, valid, photo ID that shows they are at least 18 years old by January 24, 2020.


The ID presented MUST match the registered name: Please do not register for a guest prior to knowing who you will bring.  If you do this, you will be charged a transfer fee to assign that ticket to an actual human (18+).




Stuff Happens; we get it. So if something comes up and plans change, and you can’t make it to our event in 2020, we’ll miss you immensely!

Preparing for our event costs money and involves months, days, hours, seconds... yes you get it; of preparation and planning because we are working hard to program some great classes at a great venue.

We offer you a Transfer Policy in the event you cannot make it:​

  • The Policy is to transfer your ticket to another person for a set price between yourselves for a small administrative fee of $25.

All refund and transfer requests need to be submitted by email and cannot be accepted any other way. 

Please Include: Original Ticket & Names of old Attendee & Transfered to Attendee