Sir Luke (MisterBBWolf) & His victor

Overcoming Mental Illness in a Master/slave Dynamic

Mental illness is the secret we hide in the closet; it has become the hush-hush of the Leather and kink community. Phrases like, "Don't put your dick in crazy," "Safe, sane, consensual," are all well-meaning but overshadowed by stigma. When we isolate and shun our community members as unsafe because of their diagnoses, we deny them sexual and spiritual liberation.

Those living at the intersection of power dynamics and mental illness live with a unique set of barriers. From maintaining consistency to creating rituals that alleviate symptoms, the vastness of techniques can feel overwhelming in an already turbulent time. Our goal is to guide you through the process. We will discuss the transition to living with mental illness, the struggles of recovery, and the toolbox we use to maintain a positive, thriving power dynamic even with mental illness.

On the Edge of Consent

Consensual nonconsent is like riding a rollercoaster; once the lap bar is lowered, we have committed to staying along for the ride until it’s over, even if we throw up, a screw comes loose, or the car comes completely off the track. Why would someone knowingly engage in this level of risk? In consensual nonconsent, we take the thrill of the ride, harness its innate power, and incorporate it into how we play, fuck, and live to create encounters with reduced risk and elevated accountability.

Join us as we delve into an intense, thought-provoking, and possibly challenging topic that pulls back the layers of what makes CNC fundamentally different from rape or violated consent. We will explore the deep physical and psychological satisfaction that comes from engaging in CNC.

Protocols & Rituals: Making the Mundane Magic

How do we make fetching a glass of water for the thousandth time maintain its meaning and potency? In this class, we will cover the steps to building a manageable, high protocol dynamic and distinguish between a pornographic fantasy and fantasy everyday living. Learn how to embrace mindfulness, be present in the moment, and discover empowerment through assigning value to objects and actions. We will also diminish the stigma that high protocol is ‘stodgy’ or ‘impractical,’ and discuss how ritual makes a strong foundational element of M/s and can help relight the spark in times of disconnect.

Sir Stephan & sweetwisteria

M/s and Service

What is a service based relationship? Explore the depths of a pure service based relationship, types of service and how each side of a relationship sees and desires to give and receive service. Stephan and sweetwisterias will explore and explain the depths of a 24/7 M/s based relationship with the core ideals being on service and submission. They will discuss some of the common struggles and that are formed in these relationships.

Event Planning (Dinner Service)

One of the most fantasized aspects of M/s relationships is formal white glove dinner service. In this class we deep dive into the traditions of formal dinner service, from meal planning, seating arrangements, plate settings, wine pairings, serving the meal. How to help set the expectations for yourself and your guests.

Saying the hard things

Open and honest communication is paramount in healthy relationships and even more important in relationships with a power or authority dynamic. When one partner is told the must bear their soul, open up everything, how do they do that. What are the responsibilities of the Master/Dominant? What are the safeguards to help navigate these conversations?

When the collar comes off

Master/slave, dominant/submissive, or any other name within a power relationships are intense relationships with so much emotion and work going into them. We become interdependent. How do we navigate these relationships when the collar comes off? When people look back with regret. What are the responsibilities of the people in a relationship? What happens if things turn ugly? How do we have the hard conversations? What happens to the community?


BDSM and Mental Health

My magic 8 ball of statistics says it's very likely that you or someone you care about deals with a mental illness? Mental illness is an extremely common, but little understood and highly stigmatized issue in our society. In this class we will talk about some of the basics of mental illness and how it can affect you and loved ones in the context of kink and BDSM. After busting some of the myths surrounding mental illness we will cover the basics of thought and mood disorders, how to find effective treatment, how to be supportive and be supported, and how to differentiate between therapeutic activities and therapy, and where kink fits in the spectrum.

Fixing Our Fuckups

As kinksters we spend a lot of time learning how to prevent consent violations but unfortunately even the best preparations and intentions aren't always enough. In this class we will discuss what to do when you have been hurt, or hurt someone else, and how both sides can move forward with integrity, maturity, and compassion.
-This class can be divided into two more comprehensive classes, one focusing on how to handle having been harmed and one that covers how to handle having harmed someone.

Sir Vice & soumise


What it is Ownership, why do some seek or crave it, and what does it imply? In the BDSM lifestyle, D/s relationships often work towards developing a sense of ownership for a variety of reasons important to the dominant and submissive. This session will explore the concept of ownership as well as the emotional draw and consequences of fostering a sense of ownership emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Continuing from the popular Ownership 101 class, this workshop dives deeper for those more experienced in how to manage the challenges in power exchange relationships and ownership-based dynamics. From methods to strengthen the sense of ownership, to dealing with the challenges of ownership. Not feeling owned enough. Feeling oversubscribed and stressed out? Losing your sense of personal style? Is it all work and no fun? This class should help with interactive scenarios and workshopping.

Keep the U in Schedule - soumise

“Iʼm bored” says no service, pleaser or “s-type” ever. If anything, many of us who identify this way have a hard time not overextending themselves for finding the time for needed self-care. As a group, we will be discussing the challenges of creating priorities, dealing with conflicting needs, determining limits and resources and sharing tips and solutions that have worked.

Pampering Your D or M Type on a Budget (+) - soumise

Pam-per ‒ to indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil...

Service s types often are thinking of domestic chores, administrative duties and sexual service as normal parts of their routine and responsibilities of their role in a D/s or M/s relationship. High Protocol, Formal Tea Service and full-service nights (or days or weekends) are lots of fun and help to keep the dynamic alive, but many people don’t have either the time or financial capital to make this a regular occurrence or one that feels new and special. This class will focus on simple ways that you can pamper your partner in small doses without a large financial or time investment. Get some fresh ideas on how to fit this kind of service into your relationship. Learn some new skills to add to your repertoire and jumpstart your imagination on new ways to surprise and please your partner.

Master Jim & dee

Monogamy: A Spectrum and A Journey

In this class Master Jim and dee will talk about monogamous M/s relationships by exploring the various ways of being monogamous: emotional, sexual and play. They will share the irony of not quite fitting into vanilla life because they are M/s and kinky but feeling out of place in the more free and diverse kink world, since they identify as monogamous. This ironic conflict challenged them to seek to better understand themselves, overcome assumptions, their own and others, and led to the belief that our innate relationship traits fall on a spectrum from monogamy to polyamory, a spectrum along which they don’t fall in the same location. They will share how these elements grew their dynamic. Having embraced monogamy, they will also address a frequent query they receive: How do you get all of your needs met in a monogamous relationship? To do so they will share the unique gifts monogamy offered them in their pursuit of a deeper more connected M/s relationship.

Pragmatic M/s and D/s - Dealing with Real Life Issues
This workshop deals with the fact that life issues can get in the way of a power exchange relationship. Sometimes we are separated by distance. In other situations, career demands can challenge us. Other issues include the needs of children and family members and various medical concerns. So - how can we best accommodate these challenges and maintain a healthy relationship?

This is an active discussion, and participants will be encouraged to share their personal stories and issues. This usually creates a great opportunity for dialogue. Orion will make several suggestions with regards relationship dynamics, and we will also seek best practices from participants.

This workshop is great for couples In an existing relationship, but is also helpful for singles and dating partners considering a power exchange relationship.


Perspectives on Training, Discipline, and Punishment in Power Exchange

These three topics – training, discipline, and punishment - are perhaps the most used words in BDSM relationships. However, our definitions and utilization can vary widely depending on the individuals involved and the relationship dynamic.

In some relationships, “training” Is focused on the application of pain and learning sexual service. In other relationships, “punishment” is a regular part of every interaction and is doled out for a variety of reasons. “Discipline” can vary wildly in its definition an application, and regularly ranges from recurring infliction of pain and torment to creating structure and specific requirements for a submissive or slave.

So what is the correct way to interpret these topics and practice them in a healthy relationship? The answer is – there is no correct answer. You can read any number of articles and attend any number of presentations and come to the same conclusion. What is most important is the way you define these topics, articulate them to your partner, and practiced them with consistency.

We will start the workshop with an attempt to provide a general definition of training, punishment, and discipline. Participants will be asked to voice their opinions, and we will see how definitions can vary and also how similarities exist.

Our discussion will then turn towards the purpose of these elements in a healthy relationship. And this absolutely depends on the individuals engaged. Everyone has life experience. Everyone has needs in a power exchange relationship. And most of us have triggers and/or past experiences which may block us from blissful enjoyment of each other.

Orion will make suggestions on how couples can discuss the above issues and use them to help shape both definition and application of Training, Punishment, and Discipline. Participants will be asked to share their own experiences and best practices, and Orion will summarize the session with thoughts on applying workshop learning to your journey going forward.

Power Exchange Dynamics - Cultivating and Cherishing Your Journey Together

So – you are a committed couple and determined to have the most amazing journey forward as Dominant and submissive or Master and slave. Let’s jump right in, and make sure every bit of “play” starts with stripping naked, getting out the toy bag, and jumping into pain, torment, and lots of kinky sex, right?

Whoa. A transition from play partners into a power exchange relationship is a significant one. While this may be a blinding glimpse of the obvious, it is surprising how many couples think of it more as “going steady” versus “dating”.

Orion will open this discussion by asking participants to offer up their opinions on the differences between play partners, tops and bottoms, and a committed power exchange relationship. He will then ask how are committed couple should go about establishing their relationship dynamics going forward.

In practice, this transition involves healthy, open discussion and complete transparency between partners. It starts with a definition and mutual understanding of the relationship we aspire to. It then considers the commitment involved by both parties, and the permissions, limits, and expectations of conduct to support this commitment.

Discussions should also include an in-depth understanding of our respective journeys to date. Past experiences and relationships sometimes leave us with challenges to overcome. These are extremely important to discuss at the beginning of a power exchange relationship.

Orion will seek out perspectives from participants and ask for examples of various issues which have been discussed and comment on their significance in establishing a successful power exchange relationship. We will also discuss some of the red flags and pitfalls to avoid. It’s very important to recognize these and to ensure we deal with them appropriately.

We will conclude this discussion with suggestions for couples going forward.

Call me Mistress, Daddy

Class: 90 minutes - Switches can feel like the dirty secret of the D/s world - but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of folks that routinely or on occasion enjoy mixing up their relationship with power exchange. Come on over and we will share ideas, warm-ups, and how to integrate this sort of energy into your relationship.


When Worlds Collide: D/s & Polyamory

What do you need to be fulfilled in your relationships? Do your needs ever get complicated because of scheduling, protocols, and multiple partners? Learn how to work together with you partner, your poly group, and/or yourself to discover what aspects are most important to you in a relationship. Once we have discovered what we need most, it is easier to fulfill those needs. This workshop will provide attendees with opportunities to reflect on their relationships and their personal needs and wants. All are welcome.

Lipstick & Lashings /Fem Dom 101

90 Minutes - Discussion Based - Navigating the D/s world as a FemDom can be challenging. Finding ways to connect with your fellow Doms can be rewarding and helpful as you develop your style, skills, and interests. During this workshop, we will share ideas & techniques for managing your scenes, relationships, and keeping haters at bay.


How’s and Why’s of Bootblacking

Bootblacking and leather have a rich history in the leather and the BDSM community. This class will look to explore the history and examine some of the M/s dynamic rituals that have emerged from Bootblacking. Come and learn the how’s and why’s of Bootblacking.


Ready, Aim, Flog!

Floggers are wonderful impact tools, from stingy to thuddy to sensual and all points in between. Let's put a flogger in your hands so you and your bottom can have as much fun as possible. This hands-on class will offer some ideas for you to add this versatile item to your repertoire and create fabulous flogging scenes.

Mistress Sky

Relationship Contracts Workshop

Relationship contracts as a subject of discussion among prospective life partners are gaining acceptance and popularity. That’s a good thing. Everyone should learn how to form a written agreement in one’s personal life. This is a workshop that will exercise your relationship negotiation muscles. I will demonstrate the difference between relationship negotiation and corporate/commercial negotiation. You can get your needs met; you can have your heart’s desire. Negotiate! No prior experience is needed. Both singles and committed partners are welcome. Handout.

Unequal Partnership: a collaborative relationship model

This is an interactive presentation that makes the case for a non-adversarial or collaborative dominant/submissive partnership. Many couples (or poly) need a more collaborative approach to D/s (M/s) instead of the traditional adversarial model. Partnership is the core value here. I will bring many real-life examples. You can expect a thorough explanation of the differences between adversarial and collaborative. Expect hands on exercises that demonstrate what these are like. You'll get to try them on and see how you feel. No prior knowledge is needed. Everyone---singles, couples, and poly households---is welcome.

Problem-solving in D/s (M/s) Relationships

Those of us who love power exchange relationships make an enormous effort to keep our relationship skills sharp. This includes applying our D/s (M/s) superpowers to problem-solving. This workshop is all about how to think your way through real life issues. We’ll examine common interpersonal dynamics. I am a relationship coach and organizational development specialist with lots of problem-solving techniques in hand and critical thinking lessons. Come and laugh your way through my exercises. Everyone can benefit from system thinking practices applied to dominance/submission. All singles, couples, and poly households welcome.

Kinky Polls for Kinky People. An activity

Do you like surveys? Do you say yes to taking polls? Are you a number lover just for the fun of it? Well, bring your smartphone to Kinky Poll Central. Let’s see how you stand compared to regional or national survey results on kink topics. You’ll be able to see class responses on a big screen. No right or wrong answers but plenty of light discussion. This activity has the intention of presenting information in an active way for audience participants. Lots of surprises guaranteed.

Thista Minai

Rituals of Kink

What is ritual, and what is its purpose? How can we use ritual to enhance our experience of kink? From fetish outfits, to setup and cleanup routines, to complex D/s protocol, kink is full of ritual language. Let’s look at rituals both sacred and secular and explore how actions can speak louder than words.

Master Dante, Slave Gaia, and Slave Sarah Beth

Adding Links To The Chain: Poly Dynamics and Consensual Non-Monogamy in M/s Relationships -- (2 time slots)

with House Amor

(Master Dante Amor, Slave Gaia Amor, and Slave Sarah Amor) 

It is often said there is no “one true way” to approach authority based relationships and this is truer than ever at the intersection of polyamory and authority exchange.

One size does not fit all, and we certainly have endlessly creative ways of adding a variety of others into the mix! With all that diversity there are dimensions of poly M/s many never even consider.


What are the differences between prescriptive and descriptive hierarchies in polyamorous relationships?


Can you have multiple “primary” partners?


What are the advantages and pitfalls of various structures and approaches?


What are the unique challenges and considerations at the intersection of consensual non-consent and consensual non-monogamy?


What questions do we need to ask ourselves and our partners before we even begin?


These are just a few of the areas we will touch upon as we explore ways to build and healthy, supportive, and sustainable Polyamorous M/s relationships. 

When the Bough Breaks: Coping with Familial Rifts and Estrangement

with Master Dante Amor and Slave Gaia Amor 

Statistically one in twelve people are estranged from at least one family member. Unfortunately, in our lifestyle, estrangement from family and friends is all too common, often tragically so, yet very rarely discussed. The loss of such relationships whether due to rejection, or by choice, can leave wounds that are exceptionally hard to recover from. While there are no easy answers or solutions, this will be a safe space to discuss this difficult subject with our chosen family, a family that offers the acceptance that many of our biological family and former friends could not. 

Sir Edgar Poe & slave raven

M/s without Cohabitation:

Why do some couples choose this? The challenges the benefits and overcoming obstacles in a non-cohabitation relationship.

Writing your owner’s manual on either side of the slash:

Why is it important for both sides to write one? What you should include? The owner’s manual is a deep reflection of ourselves and what we need.

Service Shaming:

Many slaves deal with this issue. What is service shaming? How we cannot internalize these comments about our service

Y/your relationship IOS

Are you android and your partner IOS? How do communicate through different operating systems. Sending updates and troubleshooting to Y/you relationship.

Raven Kaldera & slave Joshua

M/s Conflict Resolution Q&A

Conflict is a part of all relationships. Contrary to all the porn, a master doesn't solve conflict by just ordering the slaves to shut up about it. Sometimes it can be tricky to resolve problems, especially when emotions are running high, while still remaining solidly within the power dynamic. Raven and Joshua are going to talk about conflict resolution in M/s ... but they're going to do it in the context of questions from the audience. Bring the issues you're brave enough to share, and we'll tackle them as part of this class. Bring your questions about M/s and conflict, and we'll see if we have answers!

24/7 D/s: Realities and Practicalities

Some people say that it can't be done. Some people say it's the ultimate goal of D/s. Some say that it's unhealthy. In this class, we'll refute all of those myths and discuss the practical, day-to-day realities of living in a full-time D/s relationship. We'll cover the differences between servants, slaves, and submissives; and Masters, Mistresses, and Owners. We'll talk about the difficult parts and the rewarding parts, and how to live this lifestyle in a healthy, sustainable way. By the authors of "Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships".

"But I Can't!" Communicating Obstacles in Power Dynamic Relationships

What happens when the master gives and order and the s-type thinks it can't be done? How do we communicate these difficulties in ways that don't make us revert to egalitarian language and assumptions? This class will discuss how we can communicate around obstacles in ways that don't demoralize either party, and make the power dynamic into an aid rather than a burden. We'll also talk about how to do this in public places where unusual speech patterns are a liability.