Raven Kaldera & slave Joshua

A Narrow Thorny Road: Master/Slave Relationships as a Spiritual Path

There's using D/s and M/s to add a spiritual dimension to a relationship ... and then there's dedicating yourself to this work as a spiritual path in and of itself. This class will explore the latter condition. We'll compare spiritual power exchange to monasticism, noblesse oblige, asceticism, liege-fealty, and other similar roads. We'll also dive into difficult questions: Should the master be the slave's spiritual superior? What if they're on different paths? What happens when the slave's spiritual path interferes with the master's desires? How does one keep a balance between humility and hubris? This is a difficult road, and we need to talk about the thorns.

Honor, Service, and Devotion: Love in a Power Dynamic

Can love exist healthily in a dominant/submissive power dynamic, for an hour or for a lifetime? This class explores the spiritual, emotional, ethical, and practical sides of consensual power exchange in relationships, whether part-time as play or full-time as a way of being in the world. We'll delve into the fire of power-exchange ritual and the darkness of using magic to consensually enhance the training of a submissive. We'll celebrate the many sacred archetypes of dominance and submission and see how they dance together ... Predator and Prey, Master and Servant, Owner and Slave, Magician and Enchanted Object, Priest and Worshipper, Seeker and Psychopomp, Lord and Vassal, Teacher and Padawan, Dark Goddess and John Barleycorn, and many others. Bring your stories! And your collars, and chains, and leashes ... both ends. By the authors of "Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships".

Risk Assessment for Masters

Mastering another human being - whether part-time or full-time - is a constant act of risk assessment. How far can I push my s-type? What price will I pay if I do? What limits can be challenged, and which ones should be left alone? If I don't push them, will they feel grateful or like I think they're weak? What if I gamble and fail? This class will discuss the edges of the art of creating the Owner's Manual, with tips and advice for the people on the top of the power exchange. While this class is geared toward M-types, the s-types are absolutely welcome to come along as well.

Polyamory in a Power Dynamic

The practice of polyamory – multiple honest nonmonogamous relationships, especially long-term ones – has its own community, proponents, and theories, some of which are incompatible with deliberately inegalitarian relationships. On the other hand, people in power dynamics often try to leap directly into polyamory with no concept of how to make it work … and we’ve all seen their failures littering the Internet forums. How can we combine these relationship styles in ways that are functional and sustainable, and not become just another statistic? What can we learn from the decades of polyamory research, and how do we adapt it in a way that is right for us as masters and slaves? Come with your questions!


Sir Lisa & leathergem

Who are you?

This workshop will discuss the importance of accepting who you are, what you are, and what you do is what brings the spiritual awakening within ourselves, through guidance, transformation, and evolving. 

Building a foundation of who you are through strength and power - the in's and out's of everyday life and struggles. Building worthiness, self-reliance, and being who you are meant to be in all that you do.

Serving our Community

The diversity amongst the Leather/M/s/BDSM/Kink is bigger than we think. We can share many experiences in common, we all bring different perspectives, lived experiences, identities, and beliefs to the table to serve our community at large and our everyday walks of life. Who we are in this world and our journey marks the very path in how we touch different peoples lives along the way. Our intention is always to create a space where everyone feels welcome.

Consistency in Protocols

In this workshop we will discuss micromanaging vs expectation of obedience. Detailed instruction and communication are vital in protocols and how to bring meaning and potency to embrace mindfulness and to be present in the moment. To discover empowerment through assigning value to objects and actions. To apply instruction and correction in specific protocols to ensure positive results and alleviate feelings of inadequacy. What tools and resources do we offer to be beneficial? How do we follow-up and follow-through relieving frustration of continually checking up on tasks? What are some positive reinforcements to prevent lack of consistency? 

Sir Lisa and leathergem will use personal stories (funny and not so funny) to illustrate a powerful communication and consistency model that can be used in total power exchange dynamics.


Sir Luke & his_victor

Atonement (AKA “Bless me, Daddy, for i Have Sinned”)

Instead of punishing those on the right side of the slash, we will discuss how to change the narrative of positive and negative reinforcement styles into effective tools for forgiveness and atonement in Master/slave dynamics.

Care of a Master’s Leather

Beyond domestic, cerebral, and masochistic services slaves provide, leathercare is one of the most intimate acts that can be offered to a Master. Caring for their second skin, the leather they wear for formal occasions that displays their history, is an honor and a privilege not to be taken lightly. From the Wescoes or Corcorans on their feet, to the iconic Muir caps, we will cover both how to care for and shine leather, and the intent and ritual that can be infused into the act itself.



Rope & Power Exchange

Expanding your power exchange repertoire to include rope is sure to build passion, connection, and as much suffering as you’d like into your dynamic. The workshop will include several mini-demos. Between each demo, students will be encouraged to participate by tying with the power exchange intentions that are stated. This class is suitable for anyone interested in rope - no experience needed. Please bring your rope, partner(s), and a yoga mat (not required).
Level: Everyone

Following Your Heart: Rope Edition

When I started tying I was very caught up in doing specific ties in certain ways. Through my journey as a rigger and rope bottom, I have discovered that my most fulfilling experiences in rope have been impromptu. This workshop will guide students through a time for reconnection with themselves, their partners and their heart’s desires. This class is suitable for anyone who is curious about rope - no experience necessary. This class is great for solo students and partnered students.
Level: Everyone


Master Kaddan

Anxiety: Ah, It's Nothing or is it, being in a Power Exchange

This discussion will cover anxiety and the six major disorders associated with it. I will start with general overview of anxiety and the symptoms it causes. Then we will address each of the six types of major disorders and break each one down into causes, emotional symptoms, physical symptoms, and outlook for people who live with that type of disorder. Finally, I would give a little time after each section for questions that the audience may have.

"The information shared in this discussion is from my own personal experience as a retired social worker and someone who has and deals with anxiety. I am not sharing information as a medical professional."

Limited Class Size - Sign-ups coming in December 2021

Long Distance Dynamics

The discussion starts by covering two basic areas, the first one being about M/s as we define it and the next part covers what 'Long Distance' actually entails. We then we go into the details of forming a long-distance dynamic and how you might go about getting to know someone properly from afar, including styles of communication, boundaries, expectations, and goals, how M/s protocols can be established and maintained, how trust is formed, and finally how to balance out the dynamic alongside real time commitments.

Leather As I See It

This talk will cover the idea of Leather lifestyle, from the personal viewpoint of how I experienced it. I will use my journey as the central reference point for ideas of what attracted me to Leather, how I entered and was trained in the lifestyle and the personal lessons learned on that journey. I will also discuss different eras and changes that I saw happen over the decades, and how it effects how Leather is today. This will be an interactive talk in which audience participation, comments and questions are welcome.


Sir Vice & soumise

Learning to Love me

Sometimes the best gift a submissive or slave can give their Master or Dominant is their ability to love and accept themselves. This is often the hardest task for a submissive or slave to succeed at. Acceptance of self does not replace personal growth, learning new skills and information and/or training by your Master or Dominant. Self love/ acceptance allows us to take the energy and mental noise that build up in our heads when we question our worth, our competence and our worthiness and channel those resources into more productive pursuits. This class is interactive and is designed with the focus on the right side of the slash.

Service is my Love Language

For many people in power exchange, the act of providing service is how we show our love. When the giver and receiver are on the same page, it's a beautiful thing; when there is a disconnect between the parties beauty is often replaced by tension. This interactive class is designed to encourage exploration of what drives each of us to provide service as a way of showing our love and to help evaluate if our and our partner's needs are a match on this subject. We will also look at the challenge that occurs when one person's need to provide service is not something their partner is comfortable with.

Staying submissive – Maintaining Your Mindset When Things Go Off Course

It happens to the best of relationships, sometimes the dynamics just get out of whack. Some people say “life gets in the way”, but if you are trying to maintain a D/s or M/s dynamic, that is a big part of your life, so how do you work around the problems of work demands, financial issues, health complications? What can you do when your D or M type isn’t able to provide Their emotional / psychological part of the dynamic for a period of time? Frustrated, depressed, maybe even angry, how can you express your feelings and needs without acting out, lashing at your partner or giving up? Learn strategies to communicate effectively, assess and maintain your resources, create a support system and recognize and accept your limitations. Look at your priorities, needs and boundaries and explore if they are in agreement or working against each other. Share your coping strategies and learn from others.


Mistress Sky

Problem-solving from the Heart in Unequal Relationships

Those of us who love power exchange relationships make an enormous effort to keep our relationship skills sharp.  This includes applying our M/s (D/s) super powers to problem-solving.  This workshop is all about how to think your way through real life issues.  I am a relationship coach and organizational development specialist with lots of problem-solving techniques in hand and critical thinking strategies.  Everyone at every level of power exchange experience can gain a new skill and benefit from a fresh perspective.  Be ready to take notes.  All singles, couples, and poly households are welcome. 

Mentorship Lends Strength to Maintaining a Healthy BDSM Community---a talk

How might a mentor aid your life? Where can you find a mentor?

Mentoring is a mentee-led social process in which the mentor acts as a guide. We, mentors, are both honorable and humble having been asked to give service in this way. We leave our mentees better off and that is our only payment. A mentor’s commitment includes high integrity and appropriate behavior.  My talk will clarify the difference between mentoring and coaching or training. I’ll cover how to think about choosing a mentor, how to approach a prospective mentor, and the responsibilities of mentor and mentee.


Last, I’ll cover the role of mentors in the larger community:  

1.    why our communities should promote a mentorship concept and

2.   why our communities should lend support to mentor-volunteers.

Unequal Partnership:  a collaborative relationship model

Whether you are very experienced in power exchange dynamics or just starting out you would benefit from hearing a clear explanation of the collaborative model versus an adversarial model of dominance/submission.  Many couples (or poly) desire a more collaborative approach to M/s (D/s) relationships but are unaware of “collaborative” as a relationship model.  Far too many kinky couples (or poly) are attempting to practice the better known adversarial model but without satisfaction because “adversarial” is not the best match for them.  I will use real life examples in my explanation of the difference. Expect demonstrations plus some audience participation. No prior knowledge is needed. Everyone---singles, couples, and poly households of all genders---is welcome.


Sir Stephen & sweetwisteria

Leather Households and Leather Families

Have you ever been walking through an event and seen a group of people all in the same colors, wearing a patch.  Have you ever heard the term leather family?  This class will explore both the history coming through the leather motorcycle clubs and discuss the modern leather families. what the offer and why they are important to our community.

Love languages and power dynamics

The love language is a counsel theory of how we communicate with romantic partners, many people use these principles in their relationships, and the principles have been extended beyond romantic relationships, to work and social interactions.  We will look at these principles and apply them to power/authority dynamic relationships to enhance communication and interaction.

Poly and Power dynamics

Polyamory or Ethical non-monogamy practices have long been practiced and signs of healthy relationships revolve around open communication and equal power footing.  In this discussion we will explore what these relationships can look like in an unequal power dynamic.  How it changes the language used and what the relationships may evolve like.

The Care and Feeding of Your Introvert

sweetwisteria & dee

Introvert. Extrovert. Ambivert. In this class, Dee and SweetWisteria will discuss the spectrum of introvertedness and the impact of being an introvert in an M/s relationship from an s's perspective. This class will be a discussion where we will examine how to identify your (or your partner's) introvert-related needs, what it's like to have an outgoing, social, energetic and often gregarious partner as an introvert, and we will discuss some of the strategies we have used to explain your more introverted needs to a partner that may not understand. Whether you know you are an introvert, your partner is introverted, or you are trying to figure out where you fall between introvert and extrovert, there is something for everyone in this class. (90 Minutes)


Dan & dawn

Mindfulness of a slave

Dan and dawn, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010), leaders of the House Metta power exchange tribe and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, lead a workshop on the most powerful and sought after aspect of a slaves service. It isn’t how good you can clean, or how hot you look or how well you suck cock. Instead, it is the mindfulness that needs to be developed that allow you to flow seamlessly as a slave in and around your Master’s needs, while at the same time finding an authentic slave heart. And…it is worth noting that the methods taught in this workshop will assist you in becoming a better cleaner, be more attractive, and give better head.

Living M/s your way

Join Dan & dawn, authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, and a leading couple in the TPE landscape, as they take a page out of the Buddhist technique of “tree bowl teaching” and offer Living M/s your way, a class totally unlike any other – and that can never be repeated.

At the beginning of the class, Dan & dawn will take 4 to 5 questions from the audience and from those, they will create a class that addresses those questions (as well as covers a range of M/s and TPE perspectives) to create a complete presentation that suits that exact audience.

Dan & dawn are especially well suited for this style of presentation. They will not only rely on a real time healthy growing relationship M/s relationship since 2001 as well as presenting M/s topics to audiences around the nation, but will also draw on the skills of having been co-host of the very popular Erotic Awakening internet radio show.

What’s love got to do with Power Exchange?

Dan and dawn, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010) and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, as well as a happily married couple since 2001 – lead a workshop on love and M/s. Loving Ms is a style of Master/slave relationship that can bring a number of powerful emotions to the table that can appear to conflict with the power exchange. They give examples on how to navigate through jealousy, a desire to please, fears of co-dependence, and other powerful emotions so that the primary foundation of the relationship continues to be a healthy M/s one – and that foundation in turn feeds emotional solidity.


Master Jim & dee

Feeding Your Slave Heart: service, obedience, devotion

What kind of submission, surrender, speaks to your slave / submissive heart? What makes your soul sing? For some it is service oriented surrender. For others it is an obedience oriented surrender. While dee does both of these things, and they feed her dynamic, they feed her M/s, she realizes they don’t feed her slave heart or make her soul sing. Through struggling to understand her slavery, her submission, dee came to realize she is a devotional pleasure slave and has learned to embrace that aspect of herself. Let’s explore together the different ways we all feed our slave heart and the ways in which many of us utilize all the elements of surrender and submission in our relationships to maximize our personal and dynamic potentials. Let’s do this while paying special attention to just what makes our slave hearts sing.

Risking it All: Transitioning to M/s

Even if you already know that your current relationship has the elements of a power exchange, how might you successfully transition a long term egalitarian relationship into an intentional power exchange? In this class Master Jim and dee will talk about how after over twenty years of marriage and two children they realized their relationship wasn’t quite like the neighbors. They will describe the value of understanding who they already were in their marriage and working to understand how their current relationship informed who they were becoming in their power dynamic. They will discuss the process, challenges faced, and lessons learned as they took the steps towards creating an M/s relationship: taking the time to build their power dynamic path; overcoming hurdles; and balancing pre-existing ties to “vanilla” life.

Alignment of Wills as an M/s Framework

Of the many different M/S frameworks, the Alignment of Wills offers many positive aspects, which benefit both Master and slave. In this framework, consent and command is achieved by alignment of Master and slave towards a common, desired Will.  Alignment in this context can manifest as many things, from a shared overarching vision or mission statement, to the elements of daily life. The results of this alignment can be a significant deepening of the M/s dynamic and a sum greater than the parts. We will have an interactive discussion. Masters and slaves, please come prepared to discuss experiences you may have had aligning towards a common will in your own dynamics and the triumphs or challenges this has created.


Master IceDog & slave ravyn

Recenter, Recover, and Reconnect

There are times in our lives when things do not happen the way we would like or expect. Those often are the moments that can lead us to make rash decisions and take actions resulting in negative consequences. In this class, we will look at why this can happen, as well as share ways that have worked for us to avoid those negative consequences. There will be opportunities for those attending the class to practice with some of the strategies we share.

Spirituality, Religion, Mastery, and Slavery

Religion is one of those topics that can be a risky, challenging one to discuss. One person’s spirituality is another’s religion, and it is often said that what we do in our kinky lives can be spiritual moments. Coming from different childhood backgrounds, Master IceDog and slave ravyn have different perspectives on religion, yet are able to have a thriving M/s dynamic nonetheless. We will give insight into the religious portion of our lives and dynamic, along with a discussion on parallels between teachings of religions and how they relate or conflict with a Master/slave dynamic.

Failing Gracefully

What does it mean to fail? Many people believe that failure is something to avoid at all costs. Failure is bad and harmful to yourself and possibly to others. However, is this truly the case? Master IceDog runs a House where failure is not only an option, it is expected. What one does with the failure is what matters. This class takes us on a journey through “failures” to help show how they can, in fact, be graceful.


Lady Steele

Finishing School: Service as Submission

There are many classes taught about how to flog and even how to take a flogging, but there are many other aspects to submission. Service is something a bottom can do to show their appreciation for their Tops, keep the wheels of life in motion and running smoothly, and give the bottom the taste of control that they may be missing in their power exchange relationship. Join Lady Steele as she walks you through how her household runs and how to serve in many aspects in order to enhance your power exchange relationship. This class is also good for single bottoms as it will show you how to garner the favor of a potential Top.

No Collar? No Problem!

What happens when a slave has no owner? Many have speculated that you cannot be a slave without being owned. Is this true? Join Lady Steele as she shares her very personal journey as an unowned slave and shows how she educated and enriched herself so that she was ready for her next power exchange relationship. She will cover how to stay engaged as a slave with the community, with yourself, and how to play with others safely as a slave without a collar. Please note: all “right side of the slash” folks are welcome.

The Halo Above Your Heart: Collars and Collaring

What is a collar? It means different things to different – well, we could say people, but it really depends on how you identify, doesn’t it? In this class, we will talk about collars (materials, weights, and styles) and collaring (feelings, parallels, and philosophies). There will be an opportunity to share your experiences and we will have a large selection of play and permanent collars on hand to try out.

Twisted Tea

Join Lady Steele as the concept of “a proper” British tea will be turned on its crumpet.  She will first discuss the history of tea and its accoutrements.  Next she will move on to types of tea and how to properly make them.  Then she will illustrate the basic “how to’s” in regards to the setting of the table as well as how to actually serve the tea properly and with grace.  The zinger at the end will be a discussion on how exactly a tea service can be a “scene”, complete with art, furniture, and deliciously vulgar, good ole fashioned sadism.  This presentation will be beneficial to both tops and bottoms: the tops will learn what to expect, and what is expected from them in such a scenario and the bottoms will learn what to do to get their desired result.  See how endless the naughty possibilities are in something that is traditionally so…proper.


Sir Edgar Poe & Poeslittleraven

The art of Kintsukuroi

Putting what was once broken back together, how to navigate getting your way through a power dynamic after any type of an abusive relationship. Childhood or within a dynamic.

Creating a safe space in your relationship

The importance of being each other’s safe space. Learning how to not take things personally. Truly being able to listen without judgement.



Connection/Intimacy through Scene Negotiation and Establishing Consent

Consent and Scene negotiation have become standard practice before starting a scene. We as a community have sought to make these conversations standard and have done a pretty good job modeling it in the classes we teach and in our interactions at play parties and other events. But, what if these conversations could be more? What if these conversations could be done in a way that also connects us to the new person we want to play with or even connects us closer to the person we’ve been playing with for years. In this class we will practice building intimacy with each other, with strangers, and/or with our partners within the context of a scene negotiation. We will practice creating a safe place, sharing each of our desired intentions, negotiating these intentions, and setting our consensual boundaries. We will model various effective and non-effective ways of saying “no” for both tops AND bottoms and discuss how the D/s dynamic can often get in the way of such frank and open intimate conversations.

Connection/Intimacy through Sadism

We know how this goes. The sadist inflicts pain because it pleases them, the masochist enjoys the sensation, the endorphins. This class will discuss, model, and allow attendees to practice creating an intimacy within the context of giving and receiving pain. We will start by discussing the brain chemistry that occurs during intimacy, sex, and pain, and how the three can be cultivated and combined. The top and bottom will be encouraged to create a safe, intimate space where pain/discomfort is balance by submission, connection, and pleasure. The bottom will be encouraged to practice various ways to give feedback to the top as they identify their personal thresholds of pain. Through this process both will be encouraged to learn more about themselves and their partners.


House Amor

Recovering When The Ties That Bind Come Undone:  Emotional and Psychological Support for the Abruptly Abandoned Slave - Master Dante Amor

It has been heartening to see in recent years more brutally honest discussion about the need for “exit strategies” a conscious engagement in the planning for the ending and transitioning of relationships, especially when we have all seen how tragically things can end up. That said, the emotional and psychological recovery process is not something talked about nearly enough given how often it is endured by those in our circles. 


Breakups are difficult no matter what the nature of the relationship, but what are the unique ramifications for those engaging in Master/slave, consensual non-consent, and service based dynamics? 


How does one address the authority vacuum, the absence of carefully crafted structure, protocols, and accountability? 


How do we help those who are faced with these circumstances, sometimes suddenly, when there is no plan in place or executed? 


When we spend so much time teaching others how to build and maintain these relationships, do we not have an equal responsibility as masters, slaves, educators, and leaders to address their dissolution?

M/s, Traversing The Wild Edge of Grief, and Finding Beauty in What Remains - Master Dante and Slave Gaia Amor 

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Winnie the Pooh



This is not a discussion only for those grieving, but anyone who knows someone who has, is, or will be. Which is to say, this is a topic for us all. Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong impact on our capacity for joy and well being. Join us for a candid exploration of how grief can impact our dynamics, along with proven ways to recover from grief, understand our loss, and live with the things that cannot be fixed.

Recognizing and Addressing Abandonment Issues in Slaves - Coco of House Amor

This class is for anyone who is interested in dissecting the intersection between life as a slave and abandonment issues. Surrender demands a level of trust that can sometimes feel inaccessible to slaves with histories of abandonment. This can pose a significant barrier to the development of a healthy dynamic. The first step is to generate discourse on the topic. We will take a look at some of the mechanics of unresolved abandonment, how it shows up in M/s relationships and discuss concrete steps to resolution.