"Feed the Heart"


Ticket prices start at:

  • $75 Virtual Event for 2022 till January 27th @ Midnight


Tickets will be sold up until we sell out, or 1 day before our convention starts.

They will NOT be available at the door under any circumstances.



For Current Ticket Holders: Those who already have a ticket for the in-person meeting will be automatically registered for the weekend. They will also receive a credit code for 10% plus the cost difference which can be used for future AnonM/s events, either live or virtual as a thank you for their continuing support.

example:  a $99.00 Credit code would allow $24.00 + $9.90 = $33.90 off next event.


If you’d like to volunteer with us: Please see below for our Volunteer Application. A Ticket is provided to those who wish to participate as a volunteer in 4 class slots or more. 


If your plans change and you can’t make it: We offer event ticket transfers. The opportunity to transfer your ticket to another person is at a small admin fee. Please see our full policy: Official Transfer Policy.

There are no Door Tickets: All tickets must be purchased prior to the event; absolutely no tickets will be sold at the door.

You must bring an ID: All attendees will be asked for a government issued, valid, photo ID that shows they are at least 18 years old by January 29, 2021.


The ID presented MUST match the registered name: Please do not register for a guest prior to knowing who you will bring.  If you do this, you will be charged a transfer fee to assign that ticket to an actual human (18+).


Tickets from 2021 Cancelled Event: If you still hold a ticket from our cancelled event in 2021 your ticket is still valid and we have a list. If you are uncertain of your ticket status; please feel free to reach out to us. Send us an email with your full name so we can cross reference our records.




Stuff Happens; we get it. So if something comes up and plans change, and you can’t make it to our event.

Preparing for our event costs money and involves months, days, hours, seconds... yes you get it; of preparation and planning because we are working hard to program some great classes at a great venue.

We offer you a Transfer Policy in the event you cannot make it:​

  • The Policy is to transfer your ticket to another person for a set price between yourselves for an administrative fee of $25.

All transfer requests need to be submitted by email and cannot be accepted any other way. 

Please Include: Original Ticket & Names of old Attendee & Transferred to Attendee Name



If you’d like to volunteer with us: Thank you for wanting to help us bring you the best Power Exchange Dynamic Con we can. To apply to be a volunteer you will need to complete the form below. A FREE Ticket will be given to those who participate in volunteer for 4 class slots.


We will send you an email once to confirm the volunteer schedule. 

Thank you for your support in feeding our hearts!!!

Track Leads are responsible for starting the zoom, and making sure the zoom is on for their selected slot. Monitoring the zoom for any behavior that violates our policies; (aka nudity, aggressive nature, hate speech). The Track lead will take the neccessary actions for these incidents; (aka shutting off camera, mute, or removal of attendee if req'd). 

Class Volunteers are responsible for being at the classes they are assigned to. Duties include introducing presenters/class, monitoring questions, and assisting when any technical issues may arise (aka presenters drop fill = dead space with questions, bandwidth causing issues = ask to shut down camera feeds, or if there is an issue you think pertains to a violation = contact your track lead).